VIDEO: Bevin takes to Facebook to blast Louisville media outlets

VIDEO: Bevin takes to Facebook to blast Louisville media outlets

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - While  local and state media were busy Thursday covering the damning NCAA announcement at UofL, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin had an eventful day himself on Facebook.

Bevin published at around noon what he called a FAKE NEWS ALERT, blasting two Louisville television stations for what he called "proof that you can't trust certain media."

In the three-minute clip, Bevin included excerpts from local newscasts -- including one passage that was clearly marked "Editorial" -- and asked viewers "do you think you can trust the media?"

An editorial is different from straight-forward reporting. On television or in newspapers or online, they'll be marked with "editorial" or "column" or "opinion" or "op-ed" or something to that effect that indicates to a viewer or reader that the content is an opinion, not a news report.

Below is the first video:

And the second video, posted at 5 p.m. and covering nearly 12 minutes, includes more from Bevin, as well as the full pieces by the two Louisville television stations.

Bevin has been the subject of criticism by several media outlets since he recently urged Louisville residents to pray more as the city tries to solve its violent-crime problem. Some in the faith-based community have even taken issue with Bevin's call.

The second video is below:

As of 10 p.m., Bevin's two videos have been viewed more than 80,000 times between them.

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