Affordable fresh produce market opens in Jeffersonville

Affordable fresh produce market opens in Jeffersonville

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Fresh produce is being offered in neighborhoods that need it the most, and at an affordable price.

You can find the pop up farmer's markets at numerous locations, but for the first time, Fresh Stop Market has expanded to Jeffersonville.

On Thursday, the parking lot of Wesley United Methodist Church in Jeffersonville will be filled with tables showing off fruits and vegetables. This program allows you to pre-order your produce basket, and pay based on your income. No one will be turned away.

"The items are picked fresh that morning, delivered that afternoon and the folks get to show up and take them home that evening," Janis Barnett, Outreach Chair for Wesley United Methodist Church, said.

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At New Roots, Inc in Portland, their motto is clear - fresh food is a basic human right. They've started more than a dozen Fresh Stop Markets from southern Indiana to Lexington.

"The markets themselves are just this wonderful cross between a family reunion and a veggie flash mob," Sarah Dugan with New Roots, Inc said. "They are so fun."

Their latest location is in Jeffersonville, and the market will be held bi-weekly at Wesley United Methodist Church.

"In the area that we live in, we have a lot of families that do not have access to various larger stores," Dr. Marion Miller, pastor at Wesley United Methodist Church, said. "We feel it is a great opportunity for them to come here locally within their community and take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables."

Here's how it works: you must pre-order and everyone will get the exact same amount of food, regardless of what is paid.

"It's really a wonderful equalizing effect," Dugan said. "All of a sudden since everybody has the same ingredients, people are talking, and they are sharing recipes. The knowledge is pulled and distributed just like the food, and that's one of the most beautiful things about it."

From cabbage to blueberries and cucumbers to radishes, each week is different, organic and locally sourced.

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"Once upon a time, that's what we ate. Now everything has preservatives or it's frozen or freeze dried," Barnett said. "This is straight from Mother Earth."

Jeffersonville city officials and church leaders will celebrate the opening of the Fresh Stop Market Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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