Mold, fungus no stranger to Old Louisville apartment

Mold, fungus no stranger to Old Louisville apartment
Rus’Shon Weakley (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Rus’Shon Weakley (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Mold and fungus are sprouting from the walls at one apartment complex in Old Louisville.
One resident of the Reeser Court Apartments said she has had enough.

New Directions Housing Corporation is the property manager of the apartments. They were out on the property on Friday doing maintenance, but resident Rus'Shon Weakley said she's convinced they were only out there because she had contacted several news agencies around town.
"It's gotten worse every time it rains, the mold gets worse back there," Weakley said as contractors worked on the back hallway of building 40 at Reeser.
"The only reason they came out today is because I emailed every news station in Louisville," Weakley said.
Weakley explained that for the 11 years she has lived there, mold has always been an issue.
"It's repugnant," Weakley said. "You can smell it throughout the whole building."
In May, she said things started going further downhill for the complex. Rain, she said, is the main culprit behind the growing mold.

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"Basically that's how the mushrooms started growing out of the wall," Weakley said.
Weakley sent WAVE 3 News several photos of small fungi blooming from exposed brick. Weakley said all that mold is out in the back hallway but its impact is making its way through her unit.
"Vomiting, nausea," Weakley listed off her symptoms. "Last Friday I was in the hospital because I couldn't keep anything down, I was vomiting profusely."
New Directions Housing Corporation, a nonprofit that gets grants from private businesses as well as from government, including Louisville Metro.
A representative confronted us on the property but would not go on camera. In a written statement, the organization said it was made aware of the issue back in May and tried spraying the mold. They said they were already addressing the
problem when another complaint was made at the end of June.
As for Weakley, she said she had let things slide in the past but now with her new baby, the stakes are higher.
"I'm a mother now and so having my son in harm's way - I'm not going to settle for that at all," Weakley said.
The city's codes and regulations department said they made an inspection on June 21 and cited the building with several violations. The housing corporation has until July 21 to fix the problems to stay compliant to code. 
New Directions Housing corporation manages dozens of properties in the area. WAVE 3 News has checked on several of the other properties the nonprofit runs and found very few code violations.

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