Cops stop music video after seeing man with rifle

Cops stop music video after seeing man with rifle
Lazaro J. Martinez (Source: LMDC)
Lazaro J. Martinez (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The shooting of a music video was brought to a temporary halt when police saw a person involved with a rifle.

Louisville Metro Police say the video was being filmed July 8 in an open area at the intersection of Cecil and Greenwood in the Chickasaw neighborhood when a detective saw someone with a rifle. They say Lazaro J. Martinez, Jr., 20, was likely trying to be an extra in the music video.

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Police halted the video production while they seized the weapon, a YHM .223 caliber rifle. Martinez, Jr. was cited by police, but not arrested. Metro police say Martinez was arrested on May 29 on another weapons charge. Online jail records show that arrest was for carrying a concealed deadly weapon, tampering with evidence and fleeing and was told not to possess any firearms.

"You do these video shoots where anybody can show up," said Louisville film and video director Antonio Pantoja. "Everybody's pointing the gun at the camera, pointing the gun at you."

Pantoja says these days, he might say no to client or projects with guns. And he says crowds with no control can get out of hand fast. He says even on low or no budgets, artists and directors have to have someone vetting the people coming in and secure the area so no one gets hurt.

"If they definitely had to have guns on set, I would try to convince them to get air soft guns," Pantoja said.

Louisville film Director Roman Lane tells us. he's had artists specifically ask to use guns in videos and sometimes in public areas.

"I would likely have a body guard or law enforcement on set, that I would contract," Lane explained. "What they would do is clear the weapons, check them for safety to make sure there's no live ammunition in them and also to make sure they're properly registered to the rightful owner."

Along with getting a permit, police say those steps are all the proper actions people should take when making videos, but say that did not happen in this case.

Police say it's fortunate the situation did not turn violent.

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