5 questions on Norwegian Cruise Line auditions in Louisville

5 questions on Norwegian Cruise Line auditions in Louisville
Chad Broskey (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Chad Broskey (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Ever dream of working on "The Love Boat?" Here's your chance. On Friday, Norwegian Cruise Line is holding open auditions for professional singers and dancers - 18 years old and up - for upcoming shows on board their vessels.

If you are chosen, there are six weeks of rehearsal in Tampa, Florida prior to the six months on the ship. The casting directors choose the ship where your talents are needed. Once you work for the company for a while, you have the option to request a ship if you have a certain show you would like to do.
Chad Broskey helped entice Norwegian Cruise Line to come to Louisville to look for talent. Chad is a Louisville native, Youth Performing Arts School Alum and professional actor/singer/dancer who recently completed his fourth tour with Norwegian Cruise Line. He's worked with some big names in the industry including Selena Gomez, Ashton Kutcher and Hayden Panettiere.
Here are details on the audition:

Open Calls are July 21 at the Louisville Ballet School (4121 Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews). Callbacks are on Saturday. You can also submit a taped audition through their website www.norwegiancreativestudios.com.
Chad offers some tips and insights below:

1) What's the biggest audition tip you have?
The biggest tip I would give hopefuls is to have FUN! So many people get nervous in an audition room but the casting directors want to see you let loose and have fun with the material. The people behind the table want you to succeed! The second tip would be - BE PREPARED. Take the time you need with the audition material before you go in. Video tape yourself doing a "mock audition" so you can watch yourself and make changes if you need to. Preparation is key. (The video outtakes are always fun to go back and have a laugh at later as well.)

2) Since you did this, what did you enjoy the most about performing on a cruise ship?
I would have to say traveling the world was the best part of the job. I was able to see places I never thought I would see in my life. Europe, Asia, Vietnam and one of the 7 wonders of the world - PETRA - in Aqaba, Jordan. This is a huge perk to the job. You get to perform and see the world.

3) I always heard that the sleeping/living arrangements can be tight. Is this true?
It really depends on the ship and the role you play onboard. Certain performers get bigger rooms if they are what we call principal or lead performers. My room onboard was great. Similar to that of a passenger cabin with a window and such. Others were on lower decks, smaller rooms and no outside light whatsoever. Fellow performers of mine used to turn the TV on to the bow cam (there was a camera on the front of the ship so you could watch while it sailed along) and leave that on overnight and "wake up with the sun" in the morning.  So what if it was fake and just on TV right? :)

4) What are they looking to hire?
They are searching for singers and dancers, ages 18 + for multiple shows on board their ships. There are currently 16 ships in the fleet for NCL. Norwegian also owns Regent and Oceania Cruise Line, which also have award winning production shows on board. They have amazing production shows and some of the bigger ships in the fleet have larger book shows including Rock of Ages, Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and After Midnight. Dance wear is preferred for dancers. Tights, jazz pants, lulu lemon pants, etc. Character heels are preferred for ladies, however they don't mind auditioning in tennis shoes. Singers should look nice. Maybe a nice pair of jeans and a button down or polo for men. Ladies should think about a solid color dress and heels. As presentable as possible.

5) Is life on board anything like "The Love Boat?"
You know we joke about that all the time and you have no idea how many times we are asked this question while we are on board. Funny story about this - my first cruise contract was back in 2013. Our cruise director (who is the head of the entertainment team on board) was a lovely woman by the name of...JULIE. So we literally had Julie: The Cruise Director. I'm sure by the end of her contract, she was so tired of hearing that! I was able to see the actual ship they used as the backdrop for The Love Boat back
then. The ship was called the Pacific Princess and sailed up until she was retired in 2013.

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