Enforcement begins on buffer zone at EMW Women's Surgical Center

Enforcement begins on buffer zone at EMW Women's Surgical Center

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -Outside Kentucky's last abortion clinic, a temporary buffer zone marked by black and yellow tape has been enforced for a week-long demonstration aimed at shutting down EMW Women's Surgical Center.

"You're in jeopardy of losing your soul this morning," an anti-abortion protestor said while standing outside of the 15-by-7.5 foot space.

"Protestors will take their signs and they will use them to stand directly in front and they are blocking the access to the clinic property," an abortion rights advocate said.

The woman did not want to give her name. She has guarded patients as they enter the clinic for the past four years and wishes the buffer zone was permanent.

"Clients just want to go to the doctor," the advocate said.  "This is nobody's business but theirs and the doctors."

Outside of the clinic, LMPD and U.S. Marshals had a strong presence, but no arrests were made.

"They just had tape down there and we still had the freedom to do what we normally do," Beverly Johnson said.

Johnson is a local protestor, who respected the delineated zone while practicing her freedom of speech.

"It has affected us by not being able to be closer than we would have normally been," Angela Mentor said.

Mentor is another local protestor, and says she does not want the buffer zone to become permanent.

For those on the receiving end of the protests, they say day one of the federal mandate is an example of both sides winning.

"The sidewalk counselors still can access patients, but patients have a little more room to get to the door," the advocate said.

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