Several Louisville Spectrum customers complaining about service changes

Several Louisville Spectrum customers complaining about service changes

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some Spectrum customers in Louisville have complained to city leaders about their television service - or lack of it.

Wednesday afternoon, Metro Council members addressed the issue. The company told WAVE 3 News its encryption process is taking place in the Louisville area to secure the service, and make sure all customers are getting exactly what they paid for.

Does that mean Spectrum believes some customers were getting more for free? The answer is yes. The company said there were customers who were paying for a basic package but for some reason, they were getting many more channels. The company said the channel bonus isn't fair to customers who pay for them.

While Spectrum said warnings about the change have been on customer bills, a few customers tell WAVE 3 News that the change came too quick, and in some cases, before the deadline Spectrum gave them.

That's the case on South 5th Street. Radios are working in the law offices occupied by attorney Jim Ellis and his colleagues but not the televisions.

Ellis said his office lost Spectrum service on August 1.

"I went across the street to the bank and they don't have service," Ellis said.

According to a letter from Spectrum that Ellis showed us, the interruption in service wasn't supposed to happen until August 15.

"We don't know what to do," Ellis said. "We make a phone call and you're on hold for a long time."

Wave 3 viewers complained on Facebook with comments like "Cable totally out," and "One day I have cable, the next day nothing!"

Customers told us Spectrum's service change means every television using a cable line in their home will require a receiver box with a monthly charge per box.

"They've had a lot of ads about TV, how you want it, when you want it. Well, we've had it the way we wanted it in our office up here," Ellis said. "Just plug in cable. We don't need anything fancy."

Tuesday afternoon, Spectrum Representatives heard from Metro Council members on the Labor and Economic Development Committee who relayed questions and concerns from their constituents about service issues.

Charter Communications Spokesman Mike Hogan told WAVE 3 News that only a small number of Louisville customers were experiencing changes with the starter basic package and getting other channels for free. Hogan said the change will make sure people are getting what they paid for.

"What encryption does is it adds an element of security and ensures individual channels are encoded and available to those exclusively who subscribe to them," Hogan told WAVE 3 News by phone.

Spectrum offers one free receiver box to residential customers and two to businesses. If a customer who's experiencing the change in service wants to continue getting all of their channels, they can get a one year promotional deal of $39.99 a month. After that time, it jumps to $64.99 a month.

As for the early service interruption at the attorney's office, the company did look into it, telling WAVE 3 News that it was a typo. The letter should have read August 1, not August 15.

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