Coming soon: Crackdown on rush hour parking on Baxter Ave, Bardstown Rd

Coming soon: Crackdown on rush hour parking on Baxter Ave, Bardstown Rd

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  A heads up for those who frequent the Highlands. Councilman Brandon Coan wants to crack down on parking along Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue.

Coan's upset with those who park on the street during weekday rush hours which clogs traffic. Coan said the majority of citations are written on two blocks, so they will be the focus of his "I Can Get You a Tow" campaign.

The target areas are Baxter Avenue, between Breckenridge Street and Highland Avenue, and Bardstown Road, between Highland Avenue and Grinstead Drive.

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The campaign starts August 15 and will be rolled out in three stages: education, warning, and enforcement. Each stage will last a month.

The Education stage is geared towards teaching businesses, employees, and customers about the area's problem and asking them to be a part of the solution through visits, mail, and social media.

During the Warning stage, additional parking enforcement officers and written warnings will become more visible in the area.

A "towing blitz" will ensue during the Enforcement stage. Coan said repeat offenders will be targeted and incentives given to those who report illegal parking.

"This is an experiment in behavior change," Councilman Coan said in the  District 8 eNews letter. "Which is sure to be difficult and prompt a wide variety of responses.  I invite all stakeholders to give me feedback while the campaign is ongoing, and afterward, I certainly intend to review and discuss the results with the public at large."

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