'Progressive Liberal' wrestler loses popular vote in Appalachia

'Progressive Liberal' wrestler loses popular vote in Appalachia

LONDON, KY (WAVE) - The coal is black. The state is red.

Drive past the race cars and the drive-thru tobacco shops. Deep in the hollers of Kentucky and West Virginia, they like to holler.

They worship God. And they just about worship wrestlers.

Pretty boys. Big boys. Flamboyant boys. Then one guy steps in the ring.

"The Progressive Liberal - Dan Richards," the wrestling announcer yelled, during introductions.

"Dump Trump" on his rump. Hillary Clinton clinging to his shoulders.

The primary attraction now in pro wrestling is always ready for a debate.

"I've had the pleasure of spreading my liberal agenda all across America, all across the world," Richards said from the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand.

"You ain't a hero to nobody," one fan yelled back. "We're working people and we don't like your type around here."

"I love Trump," screamed another.

"You're crap like Hillary Clinton," yelled a child.

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Richards is part wrestler, part comedian, part political commentator.

"I can get people's attention without pandering," Richards announced from the ring.

Consistently condescending, even in Appalachia.

"Go ahead tell the world how ignorant you are," Richards said, baiting the crowd.

"Build the wall. Build the wall," they chanted in response, their tone rising with each refrain.

"I hope we build a wall around London, Kentucky, so all you ignorant morons can't infiltrate the population," Richards yelled.

This isn't fake news. Dan Richards really is a progressive liberal.

"I think the Republican Party puts party before country," Richards said during a sit-down interview with WAVE 3 News before an event. "I don't understand why anyone votes Republican in this area because Republican policies haven't done anything for anyone in these states or otherwise."

How hostile is this territory for the Progressive Liberal? President Trump got 83% of the vote where Richards was wrestling recently in Laurel County, exactly the same percentage as the registered Republicans there. And many of them didn't think he was funny.

"He's a joke, comes down to Eastern Kentucky where people grew up with coal and putting food on the table, keeps the lights on," one fan said. "I guarantee if the lights go off on him he won't be so liberal anymore."

"Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?" WAVE 3 News asked another fan.

"No, Lord no," she answered.

"He's an idiot," one man said. "He's in the wrong crowd for that."

"If he wants to fight me, I won't be like Hillary's emails," another fan said. "I'm easy to find."

"I've had a couple threats of gun violence," Richards said. "I was talking about taking away their precious guns and a guy came out of the concession stand with his pistol on his right hip and showed it to me."

"What happened next?" I asked.

"Needless to say, just like Obama didn't take his gun, neither did I," Richards said.

WAVE 3 News caught up with Richards at a Huntington, WV., match the night before a visit there by President Trump.

"If you could stick around and ask him a question, what would you ask him? You be the press corps," WAVE 3 News said.

"You know, I look at it differently," he said. "I don't know what question I would ask him because I feel like any question I'm going to ask him, I'm not truly going to get an honest answer."

At the match in London, Kentucky, his challenger wanted an answer. To get his Hillary shirt back, the Progressive Liberal had to call Donald Trump the best president ever.

"Everybody get your cell phones out," Richards announced. "Yeah get your Obama phones out because I know you use government assistance and then rip the government that provided them for you. Yeah he's got his Obama phone, Obama phone, Obama phone, OK."

"Donald Trump is the greatest president ever," Richards said, repeating the words reluctantly and slowly.

"He said it. He said it," a fan yelled, high-fiving his buddies.
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