Bevin blasts Louisville media; calls PVA Lindauer 'complete hack'

Bevin blasts Louisville media; calls PVA Lindauer 'complete hack'
Gov. Bevin's home in Anchorage from Air 3. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News)
Gov. Bevin's home in Anchorage from Air 3. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News)
Jefferson County PVA Tony Lindauer (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Jefferson County PVA Tony Lindauer (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Governor Matt Bevin once again denounced several Louisville media outlets on Tuesday during an interview with Terry Meiners on News Radio 840 WHAS.

Meiners asked Bevin for a comment on the PVA assessment on his Anchorage home, which has been the center of media investigations over the past few months.

"It was a complete hack job from the beginning," Bevin said. "It wasn't the first; it won't be the last. Tony Lindauer of the PVA of Jefferson County is a complete hack. And if people wanted to do a real story, they would look at the valuation on his own home and the others on his street. They would look at the valuation of the mayor of this city, who happens to be the same party as Tony Lindauer, and the valuations on his street."

Bevin went on to say that he overpaid for the Anchorage home and did so intentionally to avoid negative media coverage. As he continued, he accused the media of fabricating the story.

"It's completely dishonest; it's completely political," Bevin said. "But it's completely to be expected from the people who pass for journalists at places like the Courier-Journal, at WAVE 3, increasingly at WDRB."

In the interview, Bevin also discussed Kentucky's opportunity to become home to a new Toyota production facility. He said at least nine other states are also vying for the new plant, which is part of a $1.6 billion joint venture with Mazda.

Bevin also addressed the lack of funding for the state's pension fund and accusations that LMPD officers are retiring because of their concerns about the program's future.

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"The pension system in Kentucky is the worst-funded pension system in any state in America," Bevin said, then blamed previous administrations. "Unless we work to save this pension system, it will fail. And what I have pledged, is that I'm determined to save this pension system."

When asked if state taxes would be raised to compensate the pension fund, Bevin said the two were not necessarily related, but that Kentucky's tax code needs to be modernized.

Speaking on Medicaid, Bevin admitted his plan would not save money in the short term but would create a healthier population in Kentucky and save money down the road.

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