Louisville pair arrested following road-rage shooting in Florida

Louisville pair arrested following road-rage shooting in Florida

(WAVE) - Two people from Louisville were released on bond following a recent road-rage incident that led to gunshots in Florida.

Thomas Burns, 23, and Kinnidi Barr, 19, were visiting Panama City Beach, Fla., last week when a fellow motorist allegedly cut them off in traffic.

Steven Peters told NWFDailyNews.com that he was driving to work when he changed lanes, prompting another car to speed up behind him and start tailgating.

"They were making gestures and hanging out the windows screaming stuff," Peters told the newspaper. "They finally got the car up beside me when the guy in the passenger seat pulled a gun, pointed it at me and fired two shots."

According to the arrest reports obtained Thursday by WAVE3.com, one of the gunshots struck Peters' right front tire and flattened it.

Burns and Barr, meanwhile, left the scene, but a witness followed along and took photos of the car and its Kentucky license plate. Barr's arrest report indicated that the witness showed the photo to police, and investigators tracked the car to Burns.

That witness identified Burns, and Peters identified Barr, through photo lineups.

Both facing felony charges, the suspects appeared in court Wednesday but were released on bond.

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