Gas stations taking new steps to fight skimming

Published: Aug. 11, 2017 at 7:59 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 11, 2017 at 10:11 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -- Credit card skimmers have been around for a while but they continue to cause problems around WAVE Country.

One woman claims a skimmer took her credit card information at a Speedway gas station at the intersection of Grinstead Drive and Bardstown Road in Louisville.

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Speedway was not able to comment on the issue, but other gas stations around town said they are stepping up their security to make sure gas pump skimming is a thing of the past.

Kroger is addressing the ongoing battle by updating their pumps.

"As we are remodeling our fuel kiosks, we are implementing some new technology that makes the transactions a lot safer for credit card purchases," Kroger representative Erin Gr ant said.

Gr ant said the pumps that ask for your zip code after you swipe your credit card are the newer variety. Another new feature includes the flat-model card reader. Instead of card readers that protrude from the machine, Kroger's newer pumps feature a flat surface card reader, making it difficult for those looking to install skimmers.

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"If there's a skimmer device in it, it will stick out and protrude more than your normal card reader," Gr ant said.

Kroger isn't alone in this battle. Additional software is also being added to pumps at Thorntons stores that uses security tape or stickers to make sure the card readers are untouched. The tapes are stuck onto parts of the machine that make it evident when it is tampered with.

However, precaution from the consumer should always come first.

"If you see something at a fuel station that looks out of the ordinary, let your kiosk person know," Gr ant said. "They will inform the appropriate people and we will investigate."

The Kentucky Attorney General's office also issued a statement in the past month or so warning people that no one is immune from credit card skimmers. Other than wiggling card readers to see if it comes loose, the AG's office said they recommend checking your bank account or credit card statements often to make sure the charges on there are authorized.

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