How to use household items for makeshift eclipse viewing

How to use household items for makeshift eclipse viewing

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The closer we get to an eclipse the harder it is to find eclipse glasses.

But, there are some of the easy and popular alternatives to viewing the eclipse safely.

With the slightest low tech adjustments, several basic household items can be turned into some of the most accurate eclipse viewing devices around.

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"Really, the less tech the better in this situation," Louisville Astronomical Society president Kenneth Alderson said.

Device number one - the shoebox. It starts with a patch of aluminum foil and a pin hole. That tiny hole allows the image of the solar eclipse to project to the inside of the box.

Device number two - the bigger box. This one is not for the fashion conscious eclipse viewer, but you can watch an image of the eclipse play out right in front of your eyes.

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Don't have any boxes? Try device number three - the easy-peasy paper plates. Just punch a little hole with a ballpoint pen and you're good to go.

"Now keep in mind, the smaller the hole, the more distinct the disc is going to be on the other end," Alderson said.

Then there's device number four - buying a piece of #14 welding glass is a great alternative. Attach it to some cardboard and hold it close to your eyes.

You can actually order it from Amazon or you can check around locally for a welding shop.

There's also the much easier tablecloth method if you want to try that. Simply spread a tablecloth underneath the tree and watch the sunlight coming through the leaves. You'll look down at the table cloth and see dozens and dozens of crescents all of your tablecloth.

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