Environmental filmmaker focuses on Louisville non-profit for new project

Environmental filmmaker focuses on Louisville non-profit for new project

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A local filmmaker is raising $25,000 to make an environmental documentary based in Kentucky.

Ben Evans said his film will explore the presence of electric vehicles and their energy sources throughout the Commonwealth.

"I think there is a misperception around the country that Kentucky is behind the times." Evans said.

Evans has been making environmental documentaries for 10 years. Now, he's exploring electric vehicles in his film "Evolve: Driving A Clean Future In Coal Country."

"You can't have enough infrastructure until you have enough vehicles, but you can't have enough vehicles until you have the infrastructure," Evans said.

In Louisville, one local non-profit caught Evans' attention for spearheading the installation of free community car chargers.

"We are spreading the word that electric vehicles are much cleaner and more economical than gas and diesel cars," said Stuart Ungar, who founded EVolve KY in 2014. The non-profit brings awareness to electric vehicles and has installed seven free chargers throughout Louisville.

"We aren't making any money off these," Ungar said. "We just want to get them out there."

Ungar and EVolve KY started the adopt-a-charger model in Kentucky. Local sponsors pay for the chargers' installation and upkeep.

"Word has spread outside of Louisville about the work we are doing and folks are starting to contact us," Ungar said.

By year's end, EVolve KY will add two more chargers, including one in Lexington.

Evans' goal is to tell the story of EVolve KY along with other electric vehicle and alternative energy efforts throughout the state.

"I want to inspire other states," Evans said. "If it can happen here in Kentucky, it can happen anywhere."

Evans has reached about half of his fundraising efforts. Anyone can click here to contribute.

The first screening of Evans' documentary is scheduled for Sept. 15, during National Drive Electric Week. For more information on the screening, click here.

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