Highlands parking crackdown pushed with increased awareness

Highlands parking crackdown pushed with increased awareness

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - No one likes sitting in traffic and no one likes getting towed. One of the challenging areas of Louisville has become a headache to get through during rush hour, simply because people don't follow the rules.

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In early August, District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan sent a letter to Baxter Avenue/Bardstown Road businesses and residents informing them about a parking crackdown in the Highlands.

The problem is cars illegally parked on Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road when the peak hour restrictions are in effect - weekdays between 7 and 9 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m.

"The signs are pretty clear," Councilman Brandon Coan said. "When there is a car parked in a travel lane during rush hour, many people have had the experience to swerve out around a car or someone has swerved out in front of them."

"It's horrendously unsafe," Highlands regular Grace Nation said.

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Councilman Coan told WAVE 3 News that almost 1,800 tickets were issued to people parking during peak traffic hours in 2016.

"We're focusing in on the 900 block of Baxter Avenue and the 100 block of Bardstown Road," Coan said.

Everybody wants to park right in front of the shop they are visiting. The barbers at Woody's Barber Shop know all about that.

"We have people in here every day get up leave the chair to have to go move their cars because we have to tell them it's 4:00," barber Loran Thompson said.

They, along with other businesses, have put up signs that Councilman Coan hopes will educate people about the parking crackdown. Coan said he hopes people will find it amusing as well.

"'Can I get you a toe' is play on words for toe from the scene in 'The Big Lebowski,'" Coan said.

Residents may want to take the rest of August to remind themselves of where you aren't supposed to park. Come September things will change with the warning phase and tickets.

"Starting next month in October your car is going to get towed," Coan said.

October 2 is when the increased towing is set to begin. If a car is towed it can cost more than $135 to get it back.

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