Back-to-school means more trash in Louisville neighborhood

Back-to-school means more trash in Louisville neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - School is back in session and one woman who lives near Wyandotte Park said that means the trash on her block becomes significantly worse.

Mindy Miller lives on Woodruff Avenue and said she is constantly picking up litter from her yard.

The litter problem costs the city about $1.5 million. Metro government said it is an issue everywhere but there are initiatives aimed at taking back your streets from litter.

"It's a problem all year and it always gets worse when school starts," Miller said.

Trash is scattered on yards and alley ways in Miller's neighborhood. She said August is prime time for trash near the home she has lived in for five years.

"That is one of our favorite things to do - be outside with our kids," Miller said.

She said being close to a school bus stop at Woodruff and Strader Avenue makes her family's yard a mess.

"Pop tart wrappers, Mountain Dew cans, sometimes even their homework from the night before is laying around," Miller said.

The bus stop is in District 15 but Councilwoman Marianne Butler said the problem isn't isolated to one area.

Officials at 311 told WAVE 3 News they are on pace to receive about 1,100 litter complaints this year. About half of those are through a program known as "Report a Litter."

Lorri Roberts with Brightside, a public private non-profit works with neighbors to take back their streets and clean up when needed, spoke with WAVE 3 News about the littering.

"They think they are anonymous when they do it," Roberts said.

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Brightside also promotes "Report a Litter." People can call 3-1-1 to anonymously report littering using license plate numbers and intersections culprits throw trash out of a vehicle.

"This makes people realize that others are watching and it matters," Roberts said.

Miller said she is working on getting trash containers placed around her neighborhood.

"When you work hard trying to clean your yard up and literally five minutes later there is trash in it; it gets frustrating," Miller said.

If a neighborhood is lacking public trash containers, Solid Waste Management can be contacted at 574-1115.

To organize a neighborhood cleanup with the assistance of Brightside, call 574-2613.

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