Violent road rage strikes again in Louisville

Violent road rage strikes again in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) –  Police were called to Pleasure Ridge Park on Sunday for a report of road rage that resulted in gun fire.

David Mitchell was driving to the Thornton's gas station on Dixie Highway and Pages Lane when he got into a verbal altercation with passengers in another car.

"They whipped around me, got right next to me, and the driver rolled his window down, started saying something to me," Mitchell said. "The rear passengers started to pile out and the driver kicked my door in. It's dented."

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Mitchell, a former law enforcement officer, then took things one step further.

"I didn't want to shoot in the air because you don't know where the bullet is going to land, I didn't want to shoot in the ground, you don't know where it's going to ricochet, so I fired right at their car door," Mitchell said.

No one was hurt.

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This was the second violent incident of road rage in metro Louisville in 24 hours.

Police are still investigating what led to two adults and two children being shot at on Watterson Trail on Saturday night.

"I was actually standing in my neighbor's backyard when we heard random gunshots and we heard a car drive off pretty quick," Braxton Graven said.

The family of four was found suffering from gunshot wounds and were hurt by shards of glass.

The gave police recorded statements of what happened and a neighbor's security camera may have captured the shooting.

"I can't speak for what happened beforehand, but I can't see anything justifying the reason for somebody taking four shots at a vehicle," Graven said.

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