Facebook post turns out truckloads for Harvey survivors

Updated: Sep. 4, 2017 at 11:47 PM EDT
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TAYLORSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The power of social media has been instrumental in getting help to Harvey survivors.

A Spencer County man certainly found that out when a single Facebook post turned into an massive outpouring of support.

Cody Milburn admitted it was his idea, but that's it. He said the major help that followed came from the people of Taylorsville, Spencer County schools and churches and some organizations from Jefferson County who also saw his post.

"How it really came about was just a random thought," Milburn recalled.

Moved by the news of Hurricane Harvey, Milburn told his Facebook friends in a post on August 28 that he had a trailer and the week off work to take as much water and supplies as he could carry to Texas.

"Word traveled fast and people wanted to help," Milburn said.

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In the first 30 minutes, more than 50 people stepped forward and said they would donate.

"There was people in high school I hadn't talked to for years," Milburn explained.

That day, water, medical supplies, baby items, clothing and pet food poured in. His Taylorsville shop, garage and barn became collection centers.

As Milburn started to get overwhelmed, friends arrived.

"They started helping without even having to ask them," he said. "I guess they knew what I was getting myself into when I didn't."

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Within three days, he had 40,000 bottles of water on six 30-foot trailers, along with loads of supplies ready to go. Two drivers volunteered per truckload.

The weight and heat took its toll. Milburn has the shredded tires to prove it. Another truck's axle had to be repaired near Little Rock. They kept going.

"Hey, we're going to help these people that basically got nothing at this point, they've been wiped clean," Milburn said.

A Texarkana sheriff's office was a d rop-off site, they found a forklift.

Returning with little sleep and blown tires on the holiday weekend, Milburn said it was the best trip ever.

Milburn believes in karma and said it's been a week of seeing the human spirit in motion. He said you never know when you might need help yourself.

Milburn credits the Miller County Sheriff's Office in Texarkana for getting the supplies to survivors. He thanks the drivers, Austin Pruitt, Brandon Yates, Michael Shields, Justin Martin, Pat Whitman, Gabe Stogehill, Jamie Epperson, Sam Perry, Ethan Cotton, Jacob Stevens and Andrew Swift.

The many organizations who donated include Spencer County School System, Spencer Christian Church, Jefferson County Farm Bureau, Feeders Supply, Country Mart, Eastside Middle School, Critter Connection and Mount Moriah Church.

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