Louisville mail carrier attacked by dog

Louisville mail carrier attacked by dog

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE 3) -  The United States Postal Service is delivering postcards throughout Louisville asking people to keep their animals restrained after a number of attacks on their mail carriers.

Brad McGinnis was attacked and bit by a German Shepherd on Saturday while delivering the postcards off Raven Road in the Lynnview neighborhood.

"I was actually assigned to deliver those the day I got bit, which is kinda ironic," McGinnis said. "It was like a shark attack. I felt this hit and I was like 'what was that?' It could have been much worse - he hit and let go."

But the dog didn't let go until McGinnis was able to push it off with his bag and scanner. He couldn't make it to his dog repellent in time.

"The one, probably about as deep as his canine, that bled for a couple of days and I've just been nursing it," MCGinnis explained.

The attack isn't an isolated incident. And now, the USPS is not only delivering daily mail, but it's own message.

"Kinda put yourself in our shoes," McGinnis said. "We encounter every one of these lovely little guys. Just put them up until we pass by; it's much safer that way."

The USPS sent out the following notice on Tuesday about the postcards:

"Louisville remains a top city in the nation for attacks and three offices are delivering a message on prevention to customers with an eye-catching postcard mailing. Carriers in the Downtown, Iroquois, and Annshire Stations received the postcards late last week and have begun delivering to their customers."

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