Five Questions about the Bourbon and Beyond Festival

Five Questions about the Bourbon and Beyond Festival
Clay Busch, VP of Marketing for Danny Wimmer Presents (Source: Clay Busch)
Clay Busch, VP of Marketing for Danny Wimmer Presents (Source: Clay Busch)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - This will be the first year for the Bourbon and Beyond Festival. The concept was created by Danny Wimmer, who also produces the Louder Than Life Festival.

The event features bourbon, of course, but also food and music. And we're talking about Stevie Nicks (who performs Sunday night at 8:30 p.m.) and Eddie Vedder (taking the stage Saturday at 8 p.m.) A number of celebrity chefs are also joining in on the fun, so I'm told you should go hungry.

The event is at Champion's Park, 2050 River Road. Tickets are still available at

Here are my five questions with Clay Busch, the spokesperson for Danny Wimmer Presents.

1) How was the concept for Bourbon and Beyond developed?

[The] concept happened organically and from our personal passion for bourbon. Danny Wimmer started our journey to Kentucky five years ago when we were trying to start our own bourbon. Everyone at DWP are big bourbon fans so the more time we spent there we decided to switch our mission from starting our own bourbon to creating a one-of-a-kind food, beverage and music experience you can't get anywhere else but in Louisville, Kentucky.

2) You have an impressive list of performers. Was it tough to get on their calendar for a first-time event?

We are constantly booking talent on our events so we are fully immersed in this world. Danny personally curated this list of artists based on what he wanted to experience and hear when you're drinking bourbon. The music you will hear this weekend is music you would enjoy with a cocktail or dram in your hand. We paired them to compliment each other and we've programmed the entire festival experience in that fashion. Both experiences are meant to highlight each other. From the musicians, the chefs, the bourbon headliners and master distillers - it's the perfect pairing.

3) Did you find most of the bourbon makers were interested in participating?

Very. It was a very ambitious experience we were creating, but each bourbon maker saw our vision and passion and knew that what we were doing was something truly special. They are the true super stars of this weekend.

4) Have you sampled some of the drinks that will be offered? If so, what's your favorite mix?

Definitely. I personally like to drink bourbon on the rocks. Actually one big rock. I'm really most excited for the Bourbon and Beyond attendees to try our single barrel select picks from Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare. Danny and the team went to the distillery and tried a few barrels and selected a specific barrel that we will be serving ONLY at Bourbon and Beyond. A one-of-a-kind experience you can't get anywhere else.

5) What will it take to convince you to make this an annual event, or is that already in the works?

I think it is safe to say we are already planning many Bourbon and Beyonds to come. Plan on it.

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