Sportswriter, radio host sound off on UofL scandal

Sportswriter, radio host sound off on UofL scandal
Updated: Sep. 26, 2017 at 11:53 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For sports writers and talk show hosts, there's no lack of superlatives to describe Tuesday's news.

Former Sports Illustrated writer Billy Reed wrote a column for He calls the latest allegations against Louisville the final straw.

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"I was frankly stunned...again," Reed said. "Dealing with the NCAA is really almost child's play compared to dealing with the FBI. I mean this one is really serious."

ESPN 680 host Jason Anderson says if true, the federal claims prove a clear disregard for the NCAA.

"You take a step back and you go, 'What's going on at Louisville at this point,'" Anderson said. "My reaction was surprise because of what Louisville was already going through with what happened with Andre McGee."

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For both, it's time for embattled coach Rick Pitino to go.

"It gets to the point when you just simply have to move on from that guy who's leading that program," Anderson said. "Someone has to be held responsible."

"Just when you think things are returning to normal around here, all of a sudden, here comes another bombshell," Reed added.

"The whole I don't know. I didn't know," Reed said. "It starts to come off as very hollow."

Reed said NCAA investigators are overworked.

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"They don't have the tools that the FBI investigators have in terms of wiretapping and subpoena power," Reed said.

With schools around the nation also involved, it's past time for a change.

"Big time college athletics has just become a cesspool," Reed said.

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