Pitino, Jurich, Petrino: What do their contracts look like?

Pitino, Jurich, Petrino: What do their contracts look like?
Updated: Sep. 27, 2017 at 5:38 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich boast some impressive numbers on their contracts.

And football coach Bobby Petrino's does, too; his could change if the school parts ways with Jurich, the man who hired him for a second time back in 2014.

Take a look at the numbers:


  • Contract runs from 2016 to June 2023
  • $3.875 million/year. Bonuses get it up by $1.25 million (would have to have perfect GPA and APR and win title and two coach of the year awards)
  • Gets 18 football tickets in a suite
  • Gets 8 basketball tickets
  • $8.5 million buyout currently BUT if Jurich is not AD, that’s cut in half


  • Contract runs from July 2015 to 2026
  • The sheet provided to WAVE 3 News shows totals of $4.3 million before bonuses or Adidas deal reported to be $2 million+
  • Gets 40 basketball tickets
  • Gets 4 football tickets
  • Just received a $750,000 retention bonus in July
  • “Employee is presumed responsible for the actions of all assistant coaches and administrators who report directly or indirectly to him”
  • Can be fired for cause if he: Damages the name or reputation of the university, Commits Level 1 or L2 violation, an act of “moral depravity”
  • Must be informed of “for cause” termination 10 days in advance
  • The Board would have to vote
  • Has the opportunity to present evidence and defend himself
  • University is not liable for any lost endorsements, future opportunities, etc.
  • Has $3,000/month car allowance. Petrino’s is $500


  • Contract runs from 2007 to 2023
  • PER AUDIT: $1,044,915 (school) + $263,595 (UL Foundation) + $1,929,665 (UL Foundation ‘XPAY’) + 2,112,104 (“Other") = $5,356,278 in 2016
  • UofL pays for two country club memberships for him
  • He gets about $120,000 per year in retirement unless he’s fired for cause
  • A series of tickets for various sports including 16 Oaks and 16 Derby tickets in Sky Terrace, tables A02 and B02
  • For cause includes: Major NCAA violation, dishonest conduct, willful misconduct, failed responsibility (which includes compliance of laws and bylaws)
  • Gets 30 days to “cure any violations to the satisfaction of the board”

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