Car crashes into porch 2 days after it was stolen

Updated: Oct. 4, 2017 at 7:11 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A stolen car crashed into a home on Tuesday and now Louisville Metro Police are investigating.

On Sunday afternoon, JD Hynes, 20, was playing basketball in Highview Park.

"Usually like I do I set my keys off to the side," Hynes said. It's something Hynes now warns against.

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Around 6:15 p.m., Hynes noticed his keys were gone and his car was no longer in the parking lot.

"Out of all the keys, that were off to the side, I guess they saw Infinity on the key," Hynes said. "Like after about an hour I went to leave I went to grab my keys, I was like well there not here, I went to look around the parking lot, my car wasn't here."

The next time Hynes would see his car, would be in a Facebook post on Tuesday. His car had been smashed into a home off of Cecil Avenue.

A relative of the homeowner said the car was speeding down Cecil Avenue. It smashed into a porch while a mother and daughter were sitting outside on Tuesday afternoon. Four young people jumped out and left the keys in the ignition, their phones in the car, and ran away, according to this same family member.

"They ran it into a house, a front porch. I'm thankful everyone on the front porch is ok," Hynes said.

But Hynes' car isn't so lucky; the car that took Hynes to and from college and work overnight is now totaled and sitting in the impound lot.

"It wasn't much but it got me around so it's gonna be tough to get another one," Hynes said.

One bright spot - a good Samaritan found Hynes phone off Bardstown Road, called his mother and got it back to him.

Those with information about the individuals who stole the car are asked to call the police.

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