CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Floyd Co. police search for vandals

Updated: Oct. 6, 2017 at 1:10 AM EDT
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The vandals took a picture of their work. (Source: Floyd County Sheriff's Office)
The vandals took a picture of their work. (Source: Floyd County Sheriff's Office)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Macy Allgeier's father is a Floyd County sheriff's deputy.

"We have cameras, and a police car in the driveway," Allgeier said. "Like what are people going to do to us?"

Saturday around 4 a.m. three individuals did do something. They doused Allgeier's SUV, her father's cruiser, and other neighbor's property with mustard and other condiments.

They were caught on surveillance cameras.

Allgeier's mother was working in their barn, when winds chimes tipped her off. She knew someone was in the yard.

"It is really scary and she's already pretty--what is it--paranoid as it is," Allgeier said.

The culprits took a picture of their "masterpiece" and went on to do more damage in the area of Greenfield and Sundance Drives in New Albany.

"It did escalate to them vandalizing people's mailboxes, throwing them in other neighbor's yards, and in the trees," Allgeier said.

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"Just a little bit of mustard on our mailbox, but not a lot," Paige Baize said.

Police want to get a hold of the suspects.

"Have respect," Allgeier said.  

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