New details in explorer case accuse former commander of coverup

New details in explorer case accuse former commander of coverup
Retired LMPD Officer Curtis Flaherty

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department once praised for his work with the Youth Explorer Program now finds himself in the middle of a storm.

Curtis Flaherty is accused of covering up the alleged sexual abuse of minors by the officers he oversaw.

In his employee file we found letter after letter, some dating back to 1993, commending him for helping with the explorer program.

Fast forward to this past Thursday when hundreds of pages of discovery were released by a judge in the criminal case.

"There was many victims that were sexually abused and the abusers were protected by their supervisors," the victims' Attorney David Yates said. He has filed suit against Flaherty, accusing him of a cover up.

"Information that we brought forward through this and through additional discovery that he knew or should have known and failed to do the right thing," Yates said.

In the newly released documents, the mother of a 17-year-old explorer who'd launched a complaint against officer Kenneth Betts says she and her husband received calls from the head of the explorer program who, she says "encouraged her and her husband to not speak with anyone else about the situation; 'he wanted to keep it under the radar.'"

In other documents, an officer named Ms. Smith states she was asked to investigate the claims made against Betts regarding the 17-year-old by Flaherty, who was also the head of the Public Integrity Unit.

During her interview, Ms. Smith stated in "hind sight, Lieutenant Flaherty probably was not the best person to make any decisions regarding the investigation on this incident, since he was the commander of both the explorer program and PIU."

Flaherty has claimed innocence of any wrongdoing through out the case.

He has not been charged and was never placed on administrative leave or duties by the department after the allegations surfaced.

He recently retired from LMPD after working as an officer for 29 years.

Flaherty's attorney could not be reached for comment.

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