Study: Women are nicer than men

Study: Women are nicer than men

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A new study is pitting men against women in a battle of the sexes.

If it seems like the men in your life are more selfish there may be a good explanation - it's how their brains are wired.

Researchers in Switzerland studied an area of the brain linked to reward. They found the male brain is more egocentric and rewards selfish behavior. While the female brain rewards friendly and generous behavior.


Researchers studied 27 men and 26 women and found female brains were more active when charitable decisions were made, while the male brain sent rewarding and satisfying signals during selfish exercises.

So why are women's brains wired to be kinder compared to men's?

Researchers aren't sure. They don't know if it's something we're born with, or learn over time.

The study says girls are rewarded with praise for being kind and generous, implying women learn to expect a reward for helping behavior, rather than selfish behavior.

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