Police called to west Louisville club 80 times in 2017

Police called to west Louisville club 80 times in 2017
During the most recent police run to the club, a LMPD officer accident fired a gun while trying to make an arrest.
Kentucky State Representative Attica Scott (D-Louisville)
Kentucky State Representative Attica Scott (D-Louisville)
Metro Councilwoman Jessica Green (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Metro Councilwoman Jessica Green (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police have been called to one Louisville club 80 times this year and hundreds of times in recent years.

It's a motorcycle club located at the intersection of 32nd and Hale in the Parkland neighborhood.

State Representative Attica Scott lives just a couple doors down from the club.

"They're affecting every single person who lives here," Scott said. "There's a woman who lives down the street who's in her 80s."

On Monday, an officer accidentally fired his weapon at the club while trying to make a robbery arrest.

"1135 S 32nd has been the bane of my existence," Scott said. "4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock in the morning, people being awakened by motorcycle engines revving and 20 or 30 people hanging out on this one corner."

Records show LMPD has been called to the address 80 times so far in 2017, and nearly 400 times since the beginning of 2013, for everything from noise violations to assaults and shootings.

"People really want this place shut down," Scott said.

The numbers may be even worse than the records show. WAVE 3 News has covered shootings at the club in January of 2017, June of 2016 and February of 2016, but none of those show up in the report from LMPD.

The club falls in the district of Councilwoman Jessica Green.

"People want to be able to sleep," Green said.

She said the biggest concern is noise complaints.

"There are limited remedies built into that and limited things that a police officer can do," she said.

Both Green and Scott say the community and police are trying to curb the issues. Green said the owner has been cooperative with police.

"It does continue to be a concern," Green said.

"They cannot do it on their own," Scott said. "The city need to make sure they're bringing all their resources to bear on this issue."

The club is sandwiched between two churches and surrounded by homes filled mostly by senior citizens and families.

"I think about the kids who walk to the bus stop in the morning," Scott said. "They're seeing these folks at the club."

"Hopefully at some point, they'll get the point," Green said.

LMPD declined to talk about the club but said in a statement the department has deployed a radar in the past to help with speeders.

Multiple attempts to reach the club's owners were never returned.

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