Property owner turns to social media to find who left behind junked trailer

Updated: Oct. 23, 2017 at 5:36 PM EDT
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(Source: McGruder family)
(Source: McGruder family)
The inside of the abandoned trailer. (Source: McGruder family)
The inside of the abandoned trailer. (Source: McGruder family)

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Everyone has a little junk in their lives, but a Bullitt County family has their hands full thanks to someone who was very inconsiderate.

The McGruder family owns land off of Alpha Way and Cedar Grove Road in Shepherdsville. The area is becoming industrialized. A week ago, Gary McGruder says someone abandoned an old trailer on their property. The trailer is in complete ruins.

The trailer has other issues.

"Pretty much a dump," McGruder said. "I'm surprised it rolled well enough to get here. We thought somebody had a problem was going to come back and get it but, no. I would venture to guess someone got paid to remove it.  They removed it and got paid and it didn't go to landfill like it was supposed to or for scrap metal or something else."

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The McGruder family took to social media to try to find out who left it. Shepherdsville Police are also investigating.

"I don't think it came from too far away because of the shape it's in but, we're so close to the interstate, you never know," McGruder said. "Becomes my mess and I have to pay to clean it up."

The McGruder's own 2-M Tractor, Storage and Dumpster in Shepherdsville. He estimates it will cost close to $1500 to get rid of the trailer.

Not even worth the effort he says to scrap it.

"Cost you more to tear it apart," McGruder said.

McGruder hopes that the person who left the trailer behind will realize the mess they have dumped off on someone else.

"I hope they come get it and it disappears," McGruder said. "Or if I have to remove it myself, I hope we at least get some compensation back."

Shepherdsville Police are also investigating.

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