Family says even with new details, police shooting doesn't add up

Family says even with new details, police shooting doesn't add up
Ashleigh's uncle Tom Bertucci (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Ashleigh's uncle Tom Bertucci (Source: WAVE 3 News)

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As new details are being released in the officer-involved shooting of a Louisville nursing assistant in Shelbyville, her family tells us the story still doesn't add up.

Police are now saying Ashleigh Bertucci, 31, was armed and believed to be dangerous, but they're still not saying why exactly the officer felt threatened enough to shoot her.

"She was confronted by police and subsequently shots were fired where she lost her life," Kentucky State Police spokesman Trooper Bernie Napier said Wednesday.

That's about it when it comes to the details.

KSP can't say yet if the gun Bertucci had was loaded. Did she hold the gun to her head, or point it at the officer? And is there dash cam video? These are all questions still to be answered.

State Police do say officers spotted Bertucci's black Nissan parked near the home of her ex-boyfriend in his Shelbyville neighborhood Monday night. Callers told police Bertucci might hurt herself or someone else.

"We love police officers, we think there are so many heroes in our community," Ashleigh's Uncle Tom Bertucci said. But he says it doesn't make sense why the Shelbyville officer would fire into a car with the windows up, shooting and killing his niece.

He says while she had some domestic issues in her past, and attempted suicide over the weekend, the family believes it was an attempt to get attention from the ex-boyfriend. They say she loved her two young boys too much to actually hurt herself or anyone else.

Ashleigh's mother Sheryl Bertucci told us she was not a dangerous person. "A danger to society? No. And a dangerous person in general, no," she said.

They don't understand why police didn't seal off the area and try to negotiate longer with her to try and get her out of the car and get her some help.

"This was gross negligence to come up on a scene and to mistake a soft target for a hardened criminal and make that choice to shoot," Tom Bertucci said. "It's unexplainable."

The officer that fired the fatal shot only worked for the Shelbyville Police Department for a few months. But he had experience, as he recently retired from Frankfort Police. His identity has not been released.

Kentucky State Police have to wait 48 hours before they can interview the officer involved in the shooting. They hope to release his name by Friday, along with more information.

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