Jared Lorenzen is fighting obesity and taking us all along for the journey

Jared Lorenzen's journey to a healthier self

FORT THOMAS, KY (WAVE) -  "It was a 'look, if you continue this you're gonna die,'" Jared Lorenzen said, when recalling a visit to the doctor in August.

The former University of Kentucky quarterback had ballooned to more than 500 pounds. He took a turn for the worse after going through a divorce and seeing his football career come to an end.

"Now I'm sitting in my house, I get home from work 5:30, 6 o'clock and it's like, 'well yeah give me pizza, well make it two and let me have some ice cream and brownies,' and things just kept piling on, piling on," he said.

The Hefty Lefty had become the Super Sized Salesman.

"What I started thinking of, if I died tonight, if I didn't wake up tomorrow, what would people say? And it's a weird place to go down, but I said, what would they say? And most, I would think everybody would be like, well Jesus, look what he did to himself, of course."

Kentucky fans know Lorenzen as a larger than life quarterback who still is the all-time leading passer in school history. He threw for over 10,000 yards from 2000 to 2003.

He even played a few seasons in the NFL, and got a Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants in 2008.

Always as big as his offensive lineman and happy to go by the man sized monikers that came with his pudgy persona.

"Abominable snowman, Mobile, Agile, Hostile and Hungry, BBQ - Big, Beautiful Quarterback is what I thought it would stand for but I figured barbeque, Aircraft Carrier, Air Launcher," he recited them quickly.

"People know me probably better as the Hefty Lefty or J-Lo than they do my normal name, so I've always embraced it. Initially it was J-Lo, because I thought eventually she's gonna want to meet me. Like this name's gonna get out and she's gonna want to meet me, there has to, and that never happened, or hasn't happened yet." Jennifer Lopez are you listening?

He was at his J-Largest in 2014, playing quarterback for the indoor Northern Kentucky Rivermonsters when his first video went viral, a broken leg that started him on a path to more pizzas. Then J-Lo met Anthony Holt, a Los Angeles producer who had already made a film with former Cat Antoine Walker, he wanted to team up with the Pillsbury Throwboy.

"I don't know what I am now, this whole project isn't about what I weigh and where I'm going, it's not Jared loses 200 pounds, it's Jared goes until he's off his medication, he can sleep well at night, he can wake up without back pain, he has done the full life change, this isn't a diet that I'm on," Lorenzen said.

Holt, along with Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson and nutritionist to the stars Dr. Philip Goglia are all part of "The Jared Lorenzen Project." They sent him a custom trailer, complete with thin Jared goal pics and all the workout equipment he'll need. His childhood friend Brenden Stowers is now his on site personal trainer.

"Let's do a documentary, year long, two years long, however long it takes, to just see what fighting obesity is like," Jared said.

Lorenzen hosts weekly "Wednesday nights with Jared" walks and posts videos on Facebook.

"Read my messages, go on Facebook and read those, the messages I have gotten so far, you're inspiring me. This needed a face, and cool I'll take it and I'll run with it," he said.

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