Study finds doctors go to work sick, infecting patients

Study finds doctors go to work sick, infecting patients

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Every office has that one person who comes to work sick. Doctors say to stay home, but not everyone listens.

A new survey found doctors aren't following their own advice, and are going to work sick.

Two-thousand healthcare workers were polled, and four in ten of them said despite being sick, they kept going to work. Nearly half of that group said they went to work for three days while experiencing flu-like symptoms.

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Some of the doctors surveyed said they didn't feel bad enough to stay home, while others said they felt a professional obligation to go to work. The survey also found 67 percent of pharmacists roll the dice and come to work sick. Followed by physicians at 63 percent, assistants and aides at 40 percent, and nurses at 37 percent.

Hospital employees were most likely to go to work sick. The survey found only 77 percent of healthcare workers had a recent flu shot. That's well below the goal of 90 percent set by the centers for disease and control.

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