2 women arrested for dozens of storage unit burglaries

Updated: Nov. 16, 2017 at 9:46 PM EST
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(Source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)
(Source: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police have arrested two women for the burglary of 14 storage units.

Candace Beckman and Danielle Sherman were arrested by LMPD on Thursday, two days after the burglaries.

The women admitted to 30 break-ins after being taken into custody, police said.

On Thursday, detectives carried out potentially stolen items from the place where they arrested the women.

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Early Sunday morning police say the two women drove a U-Haul to the 'A Another Room' storage facility. Police believe the women left the facility after stealing items from 14 storage units.

On Monday morning, manager Valeria Kiser found several locks cut and thrown on the ground.

Video from some of the 31 cameras on the property revealed incriminating detail.

"We saw them cutting the locks," Kiser said. "At that point and time, they were in a U-Haul. We got the U-Haul number and gave that to the detectives."

A Another Room opened in May. Kiser has 20 years experience in the storage business. The facility is located off of Dixie Highway and I-265.

"These people work hard for their stuff they stored and I don't feel anyone has the right to come and take their stuff," Kiser said.

Kiser recommends a maximum-security lock. She says storage unit break-ins are not rare, but quick arrests are, and it's even more rare to have stolen items recovered.

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"Normally they are not going to waste that much time fighting to get a maximum-security look off," Kiser said.

Greg Kosse with the Kentucky Farm Bureau suggests all victims to call their local insurance agent. Kosse says there are sometimes clauses in home owner's insurance that will cover storage units.

"We are not liable for the items that you store," Kiser said. "It is not mandatory that you get insurance but we recommend you do."

Kosse also suggests that those who have storage units which are not insured to call their local agent to explore their options.

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