Bullitt County Board of Education approves redistricting plan

Updated: Nov. 27, 2017 at 9:12 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Bullitt County Public School Board of Education has approved a redistricting plan for the district.

By a vote of three to two, the Board approved a modified plan that changed the students affected by the plan and the recipient schools according to School Attorney Eric Farris.

Overcrowding was the main issue on hand at the Monday night Board meeting.

Two plans were originally on the table.

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"Some people take this very personal and have personal attacks, so, don't take it personal," outgoing Bullitt County Schools Superintendent Keith Davis, who'll retire in June, said. "I don't feel comfortable leaving a problem for the next superintendent or board to face."

Davis said a decision needs to be made and it's about simple math.

"We have space in one area of the county and we don't have space in the other," Davis said.

The numbers say there are too many students at Mount Washington's Pleasant Grove Elementary. The school, built for 600, currently has about 640 students, and families just keep moving in.

Davis said there's plenty of room at Freedom Elementary, which he said is a Blue Ribbon School. His plan to move a couple hundred students from east to north also includes transferring some Eastside Middle students to Hebron Middle and Bullitt East High School students to North Bullitt High. Students with just a year to go at each school would not have to change.

Moving children several miles away from their home school doesn't sit well with parents like Katherine Dozier.

"A lot of the homes are less than a mile from the current school that's behind us, Pleasant Grove," she explained.

Pleasant Grove, where Dozier's children go to school, feeds into the middle and high schools nearby. That's why she and other parents who signed a petition said the plan makes no sense.

"In fact, the school they want to move us to, the elementary school, is not even the second-closest," Dozier said. "Mount Washington Elementary is actually the second-closest."

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Dozier is a supporter of an alternative plan that Board Chair Debby Atherton said she will present at the board meeting. It would move some students who live along Highway 44 to Bells Mill Road back closer to their Shepherdsville-area neighborhood schools, like Roby Elementary.

Superintendent Davis said that's fine, but he calls the plan a temporary fix that will have consequences as more people are also moving in there.

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