YouTube video leads to additional charges against 2 suspects

YouTube video leads to additional charges against 2 suspects
Dae'Vaughn Sullivan (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Dae'Vaughn Sullivan (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Be careful what you post online, it might incriminate you. Two men charged in connection with multiple drive-by shootings that injured six people are facing additional charges because of a video posted on YouTube.

Marcus Greene Jr. aka "Greeno", 18, and Dae'Vaughn Sullivan, 18, are now both charged with tampering and Greene was also charged with receiving stolen property after a rap video was posted on YouTube, according to arrest reports. Greene and Sullivan were already booked in Louisville Metro Department of Corrections facing charges in connection with three drive-by shootings that left six people injured on Dec. 12.

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"I think they were shooting the video earlier in the day, and a little bit after that is when we got called," LMPD 4th Division Detective Tate Mason said.

Louisville Metro Police said on Nov. 2 officers were called on a report of several males hanging out of cars with guns. Police said it all began on St. Louis Avenue, went to South 32nd Street and ended on 17th Street. When officers arrived, Greene and Sullivan, along with several others ran, police said. Officers were able to catch up to all but one suspect.

"An anonymous caller said there was a bunch of males behind her house flashing guns and I think she said shooting rounds off," Mason said. "We couldn't put any charges on them because they were too far away when officers saw them to see who had which guns or what was going on."

None of the suspects had guns on them, however, officers recovered five guns in yards and two more with the help of a K-9. Several days after they ran from Louisville Metro Police officers, they posted the video, police said, wearing the same clothes and flashing the same guns detectives had already recovered.

Police said a 17-year-old who appeared in the video is already dead; he was found shot and killed days later on Camp Street.

Sullivan was already charged with wanton endangerment before the tampering charge and is being held on $250,000 cash bond. Greene, charged with assault and wanton endangerment in the drive-by shootings, is being held on a half million dollars cash.

The LMPD detective said he's glad the judge put a high bond on Greene and Sullivan, saying it should be the case with serious gun crimes.

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