Bevin discusses key initiatives, accomplishments during Year In Review

Bevin discusses key initiatives, accomplishments during Year In Review

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – People packed the first floor of the State Capitol Friday morning to hear Gov. Matt Bevin's Year In Review. Bevin started by praising the House and Senate for passing unique and impactful legislation. 

He spoke about an array of accomplishments, including the adoption of Right-to-Work guarantee for workers. This has already saved Kentucky nearly $100 million, according to Bevin.

"And this idea that somehow this comes at the expense of people and their ability to make living, not true," Bevin said. "No reflection, none what so ever." 

With $8.9 billion in new investments, Bevin said the state gained more than 16,000 new jobs this year alone. Bevin described it as "a record year."

He praised the green check mark next to Red Tape Reduction, the cross-cabinet initiative targeting excessive regulations. So far, 188 have been repealed, 341 are targeted for appeal. When this was first announced, Bevin promised an overall reduction by 30 percent within three years. A target figure he said the state is still working toward.

 Bevin spoke on his attempt to create a healthier Kentucky, something he said the administration has already started to tackle by taking a closer look and review of Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting, or KASPER. This is a database that all health care providers are required to use when prescribing a controlled substance. The system tracks the dispense of the controlled substance.

"I can say right now that doctors that are not applying this properly, ones that are over prescribing these pills, will find it very uncomfortable in this state," Bevin assured. "That is a fact." 

Education was one of many topics during the review, as Bevin highlighted Work Ready Kentucky Scholarships, equipping Kentuckians of all ages for high-demand jobs. Nearly $3.8 million was awarded to more than 4,000 applicants in the fall 2017 semester.

He also mentioned Dual Credit Scholarship Program, aimed to benefit Kentucky seniors in public high schools. 

Bevin was proud to speak about the passage of Pro-life legislation, removing public funding for Planned Parenthood. 

Criminal Justice Reform, including Expungement Legislation and Fair Chance Employment were among other accomplishments mentioned. 

In the year to come, the most difficult task Bevin foresees is the budget reduction. He slammed the previous administration for what he is now having to fix, a short fall at nearly $155 million. 

Bevin would not confirm or deny the scheduling of a Special Session before the end of the year, but did say scheduling conflicts makes the idea nearly impossible.

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