Jeffersonville firefighters: Stay off frozen ponds

Updated: Jan. 2, 2018 at 11:58 PM EST
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JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Firefighters worry when they see an iced-over pond. The site is rather rare for WAVE country, but they've been spotted throughout the area recently. The ponds tend to incite curiosity.

WAVE 3 News went out to a frozen pond with the Jeffersonville Fire Department on Tuesday evening.

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Sticks and a cement brick were thrown on the ice. It didn't matter if they fell through, because a person could.

"Even us as trained professionals, we won't even get on the ice," Sergeant Justin Ames said. "It's simply too dangerous."

The Jeffersonville Fire Department had a scare at the pond across from their station in 2010.

"Folks in the apartments right behind us noticed footprints in the snow on top and a break out in the middle, but they saw no children or nobody around," Sergeant Ames said.

Firefighters put on insulated rescue suits and started a search.

"In water you don't ever want to swim with layers on because it confines you," Ames said. "But, not only does it confine you, but it makes you heavy and is going to keep that cold water on your body."

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Icy water is a recipe for hypothermia. Thankfully, there weren't kids in the water during the 2010 incident.

Fire departments across WAVE Country don't want another scare this year.

"If you have a child and your house is within walking distance to a pond, educate your children on ice safety," Sergeant Ames urged.

If you see someone on a frozen body of water, call police.

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