Five barn owls hatched in southern Indiana

Five barn owls hatched in southern Indiana

BEDFORD, IN (WAVE) – A second round of barn owl chicks is good news for the owl population in Indiana.

DNR officials said the eggs, which were laid in September, were the second round for a pair of owls this nesting season.

The "bonus eggs" are good news since barn owls are endangered in Indiana. Only 10 nests were reported statewide in 2015.

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During the second round, five chicks hatched. Officials said three of the chicks appeared healthy and two of the chicks were much smaller.

Biologists inspected the chicks on Dec. 5 and placed identification bands on their legs.

"The survival of the chicks will depend on food availability over the next few weeks," DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife nongame bird biologist Allisyn Gillet said in a release. "There must be enough prey to feed both adults and chicks in order to have a successful second nest."

DNR said the owls successfully raised six owls in late spring.

You can watch the owl family on YouTube by clicking here.

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