Louisville Metro Corrections awarded national accreditation

Louisville Metro Corrections awarded national accreditation
Department of Corrections

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC) has received accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA).

The ACA accreditation panel found that Metro Corrections met ACA's standards that all aspects of jail operations including management, health care delivery and safety of staff and inmates. Metro Corrections received 100% on both mandatory and non-mandatory standards.

"ACA accreditation puts Metro Corrections ahead of the class," LMDC Director Mark Bolton said.

Director Bolton said the committee was impressed by LMDC programs that address addiction care and treatment for those detoxing or impacted by substance use, specialized care provided to opioid-dependent pregnant women and for initiatives to stabilize and manage mentally ill offenders.

"Metro Corrections is the only jail in Kentucky to achieve accreditation," Bolton said. "This achievement would not have been possible without the strength and dedication of our staff.  Although I am extremely grateful to achieve accreditation I am most proud of the men and women of Metro Corrections who made this achievement possible. Receiving this accreditation contributes to improved living conditions for inmates, increased attention to security procedures and accountability; and leads to improved working conditions for staff. We achieved accreditation in spite of the fact that in 2017 we endured extreme overcrowding that brought unwanted staff overtime and physical challenges that taxed aging building structures and mechanical systems. Crowded inmate living conditions and these aging facilities are not sustainable over the long term."

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