Several children taken to hospital for sledding injuries

Updated: Jan. 15, 2018 at 5:02 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  A lot of folks taking the Monday holiday and heading out sledding. Dog Hill at Cherokee Park was full of kids and adults having some fun.

Skyler Bluechel, 7, was out with his brother River and his father. Every time they went down the hill, they brought back their sled and another broken sled at the bottom of the hill.

"If there is trash you can come, if there is snow you can play and have fun," Bluechel said.

Experts say you need to be safe while you are sledding. Norton Children's Hospital says they have had multiple children who have had to be rushed to the hospital for injuries that include a broken leg, head injuries, a skull fracture, and abdominal injuries.

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They advise if you do go sledding, go somewhere that is clear of trees and make sure you aren't sledding into a roadway with traffic. The safest way to sled is to have a safe sled and wear a helmet.

"Get a snow sport helmet," Erika Janes from Norton Children's Hospital said. "They come very low in the back to protect the base of the brain and it's heavier helmet than the bike helmet. Again, it can protect your brain by 85% from getting a brain injury and it protects your face too."

If you don't have the snow sport helmet, Janes suggests wearing a bike helmet.

Also, use a safe reliable sled.

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