Inside Onstar: The tool that helped police catch a homicide suspect

Updated: Jan. 16, 2018 at 10:36 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Onstar helped LMPD track down a triple homicide suspect Friday. 46-year-old Christopher Olivo fled from Pleasure Ridge Park to Florida.

Tuesday, Tony Mayes, the sales manager at Browns Bros. Cadillac, showed WAVE 3 News how the Onstar system worked.

"They were able to catch this guy using our system, so we're very proud of that," Mayes said.

Onstar provides a series of safety and security features. It's a subsidiary of General Motors.

"Law enforcement can contact Onstar," Mayes said. "They can track your car and disable your car."

The vehicle is disabled by gradually slowing it down. The basics of the system include handsfree calling, remote diagnostics, and a live voice option.

PRP triple shooting victim, suspect shared child
Police: OnStar used to locate suspect in triple homicide

Systems like this aren't limited to luxury cars. Commercial truck drivers use something called Omnitracs, or a tool like it, every day.

"If a driver is going down the road, and has a hard breaking event, it'll send an alert," Scott Lachut, the safety manager at Pegasus Transportation Inc. "It can track anything that happened five minutes prior to the event, until two minutes after the event."

Managers at the office can see where the fleets are and if drivers are getting enough sleep. Safety is the priority.

"Keeping our drivers safe, and the public around them safe is a full-time job for everybody in this building," Lachut said.

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