WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - January 25, 2018: Bringing the NBA to Louisville

WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - January 25, 2018: Bringing the NBA to Louisville

By Andrew Klump, City of Audubon Park Councilor

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Recently, Audubon Park adopted a resolution reinforcing Metro Louisville's resolution showing a desire for an NBA team and encouraging all incorporated cities within Louisville to follow suit. By broadening this into a social movement throughout the city and state, we can show solidarity, aiding an attempt to lure an NBA franchise to Louisville.

Every city Amazon selected in its final 20 either has a professional sports franchise in the area or, in Austin's case, will have one soon. The NBA has acknowledged expansion publicly, identifying Seattle as the first to receive a team when the league expands by two. We must prove our readiness within the next year to be prepared for the earliest possible expansion date. Kentucky and national media consistently list Louisville as a prime candidate for an expansion team.

A business like the NBA would transform the city and state by raising the profile of both, as well as the universities within it. It would help us attract and retain talent, which in turn allows us to attract major businesses.

Our peer cities - Nashville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis have thrived with professional franchises. The success of Louisville City FC illustrates our region's thirst for a common professional franchise.

We must take action by jointly passing this resolution - proving that regional support for a professional franchise exists, and sending a strong message to the NBA - we are ready.

Reach out to your local incorporated city representatives (your neighborhood) within Louisville, or if you are out in the state reach out to your city and county representatives. All legislative bodies in the Commonwealth should follow Audubon Park and Metro Council's lead in supporting an NBA team by passing a similar resolution.

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