4th lawsuit accuses former LMPD officer of rape; allegations from 7 women total

4th lawsuit accuses former LMPD officer of rape; allegations from 7 women total

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A fourth woman has come forward with allegations of rape, sexual abuse and "other various causes of actions and harms" against former LMPD Officer Pablo Cano, according to a lawsuit filed in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Court documents state the plaintiff, Jane Doe IV, is suing Pablo Cano, the City of Louisville and the Louisville Metro Police Department.

The plaintiff alleges she was sexually abused and/or raped by Cano in February or March 2017. Cano raped her in his official LMPD police car while he was wearing his LMPD uniform, the lawsuit says.

"This is what people think of when you say bad cop scenario," Attorney Shannon Fauver said. "You get pulled over for a traffic stop and something happens."

"He wanted to know if she wanted to be arrested or perform services," Fauver explained. "So he followed her, he took her phone number first and followed her. They actually went to the store and got condoms."

Fauver also added that Jane Doe IV had a bench warrant for not showing up to traffic court. Jane Doe IV told Fauver that she felt like she had to make a choice between having sex and going to jail.

Fauver said the alleged rape took place in a remote area.

"He flips her over in the back seat of the police car," Fauver said. "So she's looking down, and she's trying not to…be there."

Fauver explained Jane Doe IV recounted that this all happened while Cano was on the clock, in uniform and in his marked police vehicle. Fear, the reason it took nearly a year for her to come forward.

"They all waited a while to come in because he's an officer," Fauver said, talking about the three other Jane Doe's. "They were all afraid to report it because they assume officers cover for themselves or each other. I don't think that's true, but that is what the general public sees on TV and stuff."

The lawsuit also alleges that the LMPD and the City of Louisville knew or should have known about the claims of rape and sexual abuse against Cano.

Since July 2017, seven women in total have come forward with allegations of rape against Cano, and four of those have filed lawsuits.

WAVE 3 News was the first to report the allegations of rape in late July of 2017. The lawsuit from the first woman to accuse Cano of rape was filed at that time. The Public Integrity Unit of the LMPD began investigating after the lawsuit was filed, according to the LMPD.

Officer Cano resigned on September 29, 2017.

Cano had been placed on administrative duties after the lawsuit was filed. No report was ever taken by the department before the lawsuit.

Cano was an officer for two years at LMPD. He worked in the fourth division.

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