Caught on camera: 3 break into home off Seneca Trail, attack woman

Caught on camera: 3 break into home off Seneca Trail, attack woman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some folks at a Louisville business didn't think anything of it when three people walked up to a house in the middle of the day.

Things took a horrifying turn when they realized the home was being broken into and a woman who lived there was attacked.

It was a normal Friday around 2:45 p.m. at Empire Tires off Seneca Trail and Southside Drive; cars were being worked on and some customers were outside. Empire Tires has a surveillance camera that points towards their parking lot and in the background is a house across the street. Around 2:50 p.m., a car can be seen pulling into a driveway of that house.

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"Everything is normal, nothing weird," Ali Hassan of Empire Tires said as he showed us the video.

Then, a man is seen walking up to the car and talking to the people in the vehicle before he walks up to the house. About a minute later he walks back to the car, two more people get out of the car and the trio walks back to the house.

A few minutes pass, then the surveillance video shows one man running out of the house, with the two others bolting towards the car a short time later and driving off.

An Empire customer noticed something wasn't right when he heard a woman screaming for help.

"They hit her," Hassan said. "Took TV and Play Station and stuff like that."

One man chased after the person who ran away and another witness jumped into a car to chase after them.

Hassan said they followed the alleged thieves, brought them back to the house and waited for police to arrive.

"It was an amazing job," Hassan said. "I just appreciate them and I gave him a discount because they do that."

A juvenile was arrested in this case.

The man who lives at the home declined to speak to WAVE 3 News on camera but said that he is an imam at a local mosque and his wife suffered some broken facial bones.

Police are also investigating another break in just three miles away on Carlisle Avenue near Wyandotte Park. Troy Eberenz's security cameras caught three people breaking into his home Thursday night.

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They entered through the back door armed with guns and were met by his dog Diesel. He said the suspects shot his dog in the face.

"I've never seen them a day in my life," Eberenz said. "For them to randomly come to my house is kind of crazy and the fact that they shot my dog is also ridiculous."

Eberenz explained that the suspects who broke into his house actually came back again on Friday night.

Police said they don't yet know if the two cases are connected.

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