More than 100 dead fish found in southern Indiana Wetlands

More than 100 dead fish found in southern Indiana Wetlands

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - The Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) are investigating after a New Albany family found more than 100 fish dead in a southern Indiana pond.

The fish kill happened at the Loop Island Wetlands, an Urban Nature Trail about two miles from downtown New Albany. When a family was hiking there this past weekend, they experienced a strong smell.

"We were walking, we smelled fish and we were like 'that is not right,'" Jessica Turner said.

Turner and her family documented the discovery on their cell phone counting all the dead fish they found. They stopped counting at 156.

"Now I just want to know if the water is going to be safe for us, or other animals because there are other animals down there," Turner said.

The DNR investigated on Monday morning and said the dead fish were Shad Bait Fish. They didn't find any sign of waste in the pond. IDEM was notified, but not asked to assist to check out the water quality.

"We have been down there so often and we have never seen anything like that," Turner said.

The DNR believes the extreme change in temperatures caused a natural kill. Officer Jim Schreck says if other large groups of fish are found dead, they will be back to investigate.

"As a community we should worry about something that is affecting our animals or pollution, because if it's affecting the fish it will affect other wildlife," Turner said.

At this point, DNR officials do not believe there is a threat to other animals.

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