Mites league might be Louisville's best show

Mites league might be Louisville's best show
Team Sunrise was on thin ice when they ventured into Iceland to meet the best 6 and 7-year-old hockey players in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – There is something about being 6 or 7 years old.

They devour life - and they don't have to be reminded about a few things.

"Practice hard and play hard!" Mites division coach Steve Hobbs yelled.

We had to remind ourselves that these are kids, as one fell after the team huddle break.

There are a couple of things you need to know about 42-inch tall, 50-pound humans when they grab skates and a stick: "They're a little aggressive," coach Hobbs said.

They're also cocky.

"Who's the best skater on the ice?" the Sunrise team asked Chyna Taylor.

"Me," she said.

They had no memory after they messed up. And teamwork was tough to come by.

"Passing is the toughest thing to teach because everyone wants to score goals," coach Hobbs said.

Team Sunrise was on thin ice when we ventured into Iceland to meet the best 6 and 7-year-old hockey players in Louisville.

Some have been at it since potty training.

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"Two," Bauer Hobbs said after being asked how old he was when he started playing hockey.

"How did you skate when you were two, could you even skate?" we asked.

"I started out with a chair and I got more better and better," he said.

"What's the most goals you've scored in a game," we asked William Wickson.

"Eight," he said.

"How'd you get eight," we asked.

"The goalie was easy to score on," Wickson answered, making us laugh.

"Who's the best player on the team," we asked Bauer Hobbs.

"Probably Chyna," he said. "She can skate fast and shoot high."

"Yesterday in Lexington we had a game, the first game was 25 to 4 we beat them," Taylor said. "The second game they were really good but we still beat them 8 to 3."

"On the bench I spend most of my time trying to bring her back down a peg," coach Hobbs said.

"Actually, I don't have a facemask on, so don't pass it hard, just do it soft ok?" Lauren Jones pleaded when we joined in their scrimmage.

"My legs just hurt watching them," Lauren said. "I'm not even moving."

The tall "girl" on the ice was not as aggressive as Chyna.

"I was close," Lauren said. "I thought they were gonna hit me in the face."

Soon, these kids graduate into the Squirts division.

Right now, they're just Mites.

Everyone noticed a difference between the Mites and the adults.

"It pumps you up, like, you get a lot of energy," Taylor said.

"I can't get up," Lauren said, clearly struggling just to get to back on her feet on the ice. "I can't get up."

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