Woman loses several fingers, circulation in feet after coming down with flu

Woman loses several fingers, circulation in feet after coming down with flu

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A mother who caught the flu at the end of 2017 has been admitted to rehab after six weeks of treatment at Baptist East hospital. Doctors said she's lucky to be alive.

Christa Mitchell, 30, said she has always been healthy, and this year did not get the flu shot. She told WAVE 3 News that she now believes that was a huge mistake.

At the end of December, Christa got a fever but took some medication to get it down and went back to work. The fever got worse a couple days later and she started having issues with her back. Then came the breathing problems.

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The Anderson County mother, who has a nine year old son, ended up in intensive care after developing pneumonia, sepsis and septic shock. Her husband Jody told WAVE 3 News she lost circulation in her hands and feet.

"She's gonna lose, gonna lose, all of her fingers on her left hand where she lost circulation," Jody said. "And her right hand is going to be pretty good, the tips are black but they act like they wont even have to do surgery on them."

Christa has lost several fingers so far. Still. her mother, Susan Beasley, said she's hopeful about Christa's recovery.

"I think she's being very strong and very courageous because it is a life altering event that's happened to her," Beasley said. "You know she came in, she didn't walk in but was able to walk on her own into the hospital and now she's leaving in a wheelchair."

Christa's husband said they still don't know what will happen with her feet. Right now doctors are hoping her body will repair itself over time.

Friends are holding a benefit for her in Chaplin, Kentucky on March 4.

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