Louisville company works to eliminate lead in homes

Louisville company works to eliminate lead in homes
LockUpLead's goal is to reach out to the millions of families across the USA who live, work and go to school in older homes and buildings where lead-based paint may be present.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  LockUpLead, a Louisville based company began implementing its product in homes this week.

Lead is usually found in older homes because lead was a primary ingredient in paint.

LockUpLead's John Cullen developed a product for families to identify lead in their homes. A powdery substance is mixed with vinegar then sprayed on lead suspected areas. The mixture instantaneously turns red where lead is present.

"This project specifically looks to mitigate lead hazards related to vacant properties that are going to be demolished," Cullen explained. Just as they sit here, this peeling paint turns to dust, can blow into the neighbors' yards and certainly when a building is demolished that dust from the demolition can go for quite a distance."

Monday, the product was used on a home on West Dumensil.

A 2017 health equity report by the Health Department found that 60 percent of kids tested for lead, had concerning levels.

The product doesn't just identify the lead, it helps neutralize the lead in your home so that the chemical can't enter someone's blood stream.

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