UPDATE: Flood conditions in Southern Indiana

UPDATE: Flood conditions in Southern Indiana
Flooding in Jackson County, Indiana.

JACKSON COUNTY, IN (WAVE 3) -- Flood water and heavy rain forced dozens of roads to close in Southern Indiana on Saturday.

In Jackson County, twenty-three roads were closed by Saturday afternoon, including parts of US 250, 256 and 258.

Road barriers and even police lights didn't deter some drivers from attempting to navigate through flooded streets.

Deputy Rob Henley with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said his crews had worked three water rescues so far this weekend.

"We desperately want to keep people safe," Henley said. "We don't want to put ourselves at risk just to come and save someone simply because they don't want to go around the water. We will, but it's really not what we want to do."

In Jeffersonville, at least twenty roads were closed on Saturday evening.

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City leaders set up a special command center at the fire department.

"I'd rather alleviate a problem from happening than to deal with a problem after its occurred," Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said.

Nearly a dozen different departments were prepping as a team in case flood levels require an emergency response.

Superintendent of Flood Control Mike Lanham said the flood gates are ready to go just in case, but he doesn't think they'll be needed.

"I'm always on edge when there's a flood stage but we're just monitoring the river with the national weather service, the good information coming from them and as long as we don't see an increase from 34.9 what they're predicting now, we're going to be pretty comfortable," Lanham said.

The fire department is bringing in four additional crews Saturday night.

"We are preparing to be busy tonight with both that flash flood element and the power line element with the trees," Chief Eric Hedrick said.

The Red Cross helped set up an emergency shelter at First Christian Church on Middle Road for those in need of a place to stay. They have the ability to take in over 100 people if need be.

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