Former detective, sheriff's office sued following WAVE 3 News investigation

Mark Handy (Source: WAVE 3 News Archive)
Mark Handy (Source: WAVE 3 News Archive)
Updated: Feb. 26, 2018 at 11:15 AM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A former homicide detective with a history of lying and his current employer, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, are now being sued.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday on behalf of Shamaeka Shaw. She claims Sgt. Mark Handy assaulted and humiliated her during an eviction in 2016.

Shaw claims Handy shouted racial slurs at her, strangled her, caused other physical harm while disregarding the paperwork Shaw says proved there were no grounds for a legal eviction.

The lawsuit states Handy is "the type of cop who gives honest, hard-working peace officers a bad name."

Handy arrested Shaw for resisting arrest after the incident. Shaw was later acquitted of the charges. The lawsuit also claims Handy lied under oath about the incident to send Shaw to jail.

That same claim has been lodged against Handy before by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

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A WAVE 3 News exclusive investigation linked Handy to four overturned convictions. In those cases, four men have spent more than 60 years behind bars combined. Two of them served 21 years before their convictions were vacated. In another case involving a man named Edwin Chandler, the city paid $8.5 million in another wrongful conviction case. The cases all had one thing in common -- claims that Handy lied about confessions, fabricated evidence, lied under oath, and fed suspects information only detectives knew - all to get convictions.

Yet Handy has never been charged in those cases, and is currently a deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

In Shaw's lawsuit, attorney Sam Aguiar quotes Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine during an interview for the WAVE 3 News investigation in which Wine said he would not hire Handy.

"He would not work in my office," Wine said.

The lawsuit claims the sheriff's office was negligent in hiring Handy, as well as maintaining his employment given his checkered history regarding cases.

Both the FBI and LMPD investigated Handy's actions, but he never faced any charges.

Monday morning, Handy's name would come up again as a Meade County judge was expected to dismiss murder charges against two men in the murder of a woman dating back to 1992. Handy was the lead investigator in that case. The Attorney General's Office recently discredited Handy's work during that investigation and asked for the charges against the two men to be dismissed.

Shaw is asking for punitive damages and says she'll be scarred for life.

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