More child molestation charges, victims come forward against Jeffersonville teen

More child molestation charges, victims come forward against Jeffersonville teen
19 victims have claimed they were molested by Michael Begin.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Two new victims have come forward accusing a Jeffersonville man of child molestation.

The Clark County Prosecutor has added four new charges of child molestation against Michael Begin, 18.

The young girls allegedly molested in these new charges are five and eight-years-old. With the addition of these two girls, a total of 19 victims have claimed they were molested by Begin.

Back in court Wednesday, Begin was brought in to face the amended charges against him in the pending child molestation criminal case. Court documents said an eight year old girl was touched in her Clarksville home by Begin in November of 2016. The documents said the victim's mother, who was friends with Begin's mother, had text messages from Begin asking several times to babysit or have the kids over to swim. This was from June of 2016 to August of 2017.

The probable cause affidavit said the other girl, just five-years-old, was molested at the Clark County YMCA.

"The activities that she disclosed were occurring when the molestations happened," Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. "I was able to put the time frame down as between June 1 and September 30."

After investigators interviewed the five year old girl, they said her mother asked why she didn't tell another grown up.

"Because he's a grown up," she replied, according to investigators.

The victim said the molestation happened when they were watching a movie, when she was coloring and when she was doing crafts at the YMCA.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said he owes it to all the victims to try and get a conviction with a lengthy jail sentence for Begin.

"I was on the phone for a few minutes with the mother of one of these victims, and I hear the pain and the anguish in their voice, just their concern for the well-being of their children," Mull said.

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Begin's attorney Jennifer Culotta said Wednesday that he maintains his innocence. They haven't received discovery yet but she said they'll be ready for the trial in August.

"We have filed a competency hearing request, so that will be coming in the next couple of days and we'll just see where things go," Culotta said.

A request to increase Begin's bond amount was denied by the judge Wednesday morning. He's currently being held in the Clark County Jail.

When asked about the new charges facing Begin, Steve Tarver, the CEO of Greater Louisville sent over a statement that reads:

"We are very limited in what we can say concerning pending litigation so as not to effect the regular judicial process, with which we are cooperating. However, as soon as the allegations emerged, we immediately suspended the employee, and reported the incident to the authorities. Subsequently, the employee was terminated without returning to service at any time.  We continue to review and evaluate policies and procedures."

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